There is only one word I can recall right now is ‘chaos.’ It gleefully summarizes the traveling apathy within my city – Mumbai.“I know I keep on highlighting the name, but what can I possibly do, when the stakes to its re-re-re-naming are considered so freaking high. I am aware of no single country, which through all these ages did faced such a paradigm shift that too over a miss spelt name. The history book had U.S.S.R …but that is completely irrelevant here, at least in this con text. Continue reading

An introduction after began.

For a broad overview summed in a nut-shell, – this space happens to be, the voicing out of MY grievance about the horrendous chaos that vogues the city. Be it the spit brigade that litters the walls and road like there was never a 26/11, to the filthy conditions people (try) survive with a glint of unspoken smiles.

I don’t care what I will be putting up next. While traveling, rummaging or just hop-snottching in the bylanes of my city …the moment something strikes me “I am sure to put it here!

“So those who wanna wait ..wait for some changes! And those who want to do something …”be my guest.


In a city especially within a big city one can always find himself/herself gasping for air! Not because it is so pathetically dense and crowded, nor is the fact that there is a lot of *cough* pollution in the air…

It is the persona that hires a patch of land to be termed itself as a city (..ehm! Big-city.) The towering sky-scrapers, fog-glassed windowed structures, Narrow clean roads, wide open cruising ways, the denizens and last but certainly ‘not the least’ if the city happens to be blessed with a coastline, Its very own sea shoreline.  “Great!’ ..one mesmerizing views after another rendering the interesting accompanied by the beauty factor to a city.

Now here’s a catch ‘a city can have all of this yet it has nothing special to offer still it manages to conquer the spatiality it deserves.’  If I tell that such a city exists then you probably might reach for that phone to book me a place in the ‘hall-of-the-imaginary’ institution of management!! Before you do I can assure you that such a city exists and is breathing (or rather coughing) alive & kicking. The name starts with an ‘M’ and certainly ends with an ‘I’ ..Ohk! ..ohk! Don’t strain those muscles as yet; “The city is called MumbaI.

What is it that this city got that others still haven’t? Well nothing actually to be frank. Being a city it literally floats on money ..oddles and oodles of big-freakin-stacks of money. No wonder then it is termed the financial capital. I remember someone said; “with great stacks of money comes great lifestyle and cars with a lot of w(h)ine !” Whoever said it (..Me!!) I believe him. In Mumbai you can find ‘people ‘one as well can easily locate in France or in Paris, mostly littered around.  From the very educated to the not so educated, fashionable, well-spoken, High rollers, glitterati’s and many more to no-more  flocks this city. A walk from a nearest luxury hotel and you could easily find what a big city has to offer, A glitzy resident with some not less than 30-40 floors situated besides rows and rows of similarly laid structures with a parking space of and inch or two for theirs Porches to Royce’s and some rickshaws and handcarts in between  to make way for people walking on perfectly pot hole ridden roads, donning their neatly attired Armani’s  rubbing shoulders with the gentleman in his nice shirt from the ‘PAPPu’S.’


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