There is only one word I can recall right now is ‘chaos.’ It gleefully summarizes the traveling apathy within my city – Mumbai.“I know I keep on highlighting the name, but what can I possibly do, when the stakes to its re-re-re-naming are considered so freaking high. I am aware of no single country, which through all these ages did faced such a paradigm shift that too over a miss spelt name. The history book had U.S.S.R …but that is completely irrelevant here, at least in this con text.

“So what bought you here?” I mean, I maybe just generalizing it! But you know whatever; ‘work, money, fame ..and the like wise, Seems the valid reasons enough to generate an adding crowd to this (my) city. While considering the fact that we do somehow love guest, and we would very much do anything to keep them happy. ‘Content is not an apt word here!’ still the only thing we could or did manage to be for our guest from ‘out of town’ was play a spoil sport. Look at the commuting part, per se. “we know that there are so many people who like to be here and some among of those do want to be the residing factors,

The trains, the buses and even the taxis – the public transport system. All lying in a state of shambles for who knows “why?”  But I do remember someone mentioning this ‘beggars are losers for choice!’ and I don’t know any beggar who can be shamelessly rich in terms of wealth, yet beg for no choice. Ask me, “Its an contradiction of some sort, and is curiously puzzling!”


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